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Other sectors

Equipped with specific software and hardware, we carry out extraction verification, 3D editing, and industrialization processes, as well as scanning and reverse engineering activities with optomechanical and structured light scanning systems.

These tools are needed to carry out the engineering tasks required in several areas when only a physical sample is available.

To pump manufacturers, manufacturers of automotive components,, household appliances producers, and for the design and interior design industry, we offer rapid prototyping solutions, model and core box production, supply of pre-production machined castings, industrialization of castings, 3D scanning, production of sintered and polymerized 3D cores, and CNC machining.

Among the sectors, we offer our services to:

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Products by Modelleria Zuin


Modelleria Zuin aims to offer full services through cooperation with outstanding business partners too.
Our choices are ultimately aimed at meeting the most sophisticated needs of mechanical companies, designers, and the casting industry. And to this day, our expertise leads us to offer full customer support from the design to the product realization.


Progettazione_Modelleria Zuin


We provide targeted technical support
in product design
and industrialization.

Motte e anime_Modelleria Zuin


We offer sintering
and 3D printing solutions with the possibility of crafting castings samples.

Modelleria Zuin_Prototipazione


We create prototypes
from the study of 3D geometries
of complex parts.

Modelleria Zuin_Prototipazione rapida


We design solutions to bring to life complex casting shapes or
shapes intended for large castings.

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